how to clean infected belly button piercing

a pierced hole that looks larger than before. You’ll need to clean your belly button piercing somewhere in the ballpark of between two and four times a day with the saline solution. How Clay Masks May Benefit the Health of Your Skin and Hair, How Botox Can Help Get Rid of Bunny Lines, red lines that radiate from the piercing site. Even minor infections can get worse without treatment. This is generally not recommended if you are allergic to alcohol. For example, piercing jewelry made of nickel is known to cause allergic reactions in susceptible people. Cleaning your piercing is important, both to prevent and treat an infection. Just avoid such allergens and stop use these substances. The use of lavender oil, tea tree oil, or emu oil may help with a navel infection due to their natural healing properties. Cup your hand under the piercing and allow clean, warm water to run over it for a minute or two. With anti-inflammatory benefits, aloe vera can help with infected belly button piercing. If your symptoms persist for 48 hours after the piercing or worsen, then it may be wise to seek medical help. With natural antiseptic properties, turmeric helps in both treating and preventing infections. They’re generally safe if a professional does the piercing with the right needle in a clean environment. If your belly button remains swollen, and the swelling does not subside, it may indicate an infection. To stay away from belly button infections, it is essential to keep the area clean and dry. do not twist or turn jewellery when the piercing is dry. Metals that are safe for body piercings include: If you suspect an infection, don’t remove the jewelry on your own, unless your doctor tells you to do so. Use a saltwater mixture (1/2 teaspoon sea salt per 1 cup of water) to help remove any dried healing secretions followed by a gentle, mild antibacterial soap and water cleansing. With anti-inflammatory benefits, aloe vera can help with infected belly button piercing. Technically, any kind of bacteria can cause a belly button infection, Jules Lipoff, … Removing the piercing may lead to the formation of an abscess, and such an action can make the hole close up, thus the infection is left inside and more complications can be induced. And you can see a noticeable increase in the size of the hole of the piercing. Bacterial infections arise when bacteria from dirt or foreign objects get into the open piercing while it’s still healing. In addition to smoothing wrinkles, Botox can be used to slim and contour the face. But, if you are not aware of how to clean an infected belly button piercing, then here are given some important tips in this regards. Woke up with a golf ball sized swollen belly button piercing infection!! Try to avoid getting soap or other cleaners into or around your piercing as this can lead to infection and drying of … Most piercings don’t need to be removed to treat infections. Tea Tree Oil. Lay on your back and apply the sea salt rinse to the navel piercing using a clean cloth or cotton ball … The navel jewelry seems to be hanging lower or looser than when it was first inserted. All rights reserved. A lengthy healing process, along with the appearance of a bump, excess crusts around the site of the piercing, persistent pain and consistent soreness around the area of the piercing (exacerbated when anything touches the area) and/or high skin irritability. We include products we think are useful for our readers. You may think it wise to use over-the-counter ointments with antibiotic properties, while the opposite is likely true. The Most Effective Natural Cures for Infected Belly Button. It can take as long as six weeks to two years for a belly button piercing to heal completely. Memory usage: 2203.93KB, Rash Around Belly Button: Causes and Treatments, Athlete's Foot on Hands: Causes and Remedies, 9+ Natural Ways to Tighten Saggy Neck Skin, Beauty Tips for Fairness and Daily Skin Care. If you suspect an infection, don’t remove the jewelry on … Do not remove the jewelry, especially if … Most bacterial navel infections are accompanied by a liquid discharge that may come from in and around your navel. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Two of the most common complications are bacterial infections and allergic reactions. Moreover, if you follow various ways as outlined by the piercer on how to clean an infected belly button piercing, it can help in getting rid of the bump or bubble on … Gently dry the area with a clean towel after using the wet cloth. Carry out regular daily checks to look out for any signs or symptoms of an infection. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Place a warm compress on the infected piercing. Mix white vinegar with warm water and use a cotton swab to apply the solution to the infected area. Belly Button Infection Prevention: How to Clean Your Belly Button. Some yellow discharge after your piercing is entirely normal up to a week after having the piercing. This can help the pus drain and cause the swelling to go down. Snapchat @julie_ann420 Instagram @julie.ann.howard Thanks for watching love you guys ! If you get Botox injections, you’ll need to follow the best practices for Botox aftercare. They may carry some harmful health effects. All you need is to use a saltwater mixture which consists of 1/2 teaspoon sea salt per 1 cup of water. Last medically reviewed on August 14, 2017, A tracheal shave is a facial feminization surgery that's used to reduce the size of the Adam’s apple. Experts recommend cleaning a piercing no more than twice each day. In addition, poor hygiene on the belly button skin and frequent touching with unwashed hands can also possibly be the triggers. If the site of the piercing is excreting pus, then your physician will likely prescribe oral antibiotics to eradicate the microorganisms causing the infection.Topical antibiotic medications may also be prescribed for mild cases of infected belly button piercing. The easiest way to clean your new piercing is in the shower. Follow me on my social media! When you receive abelly piercing, it is important to remember that there will be a healing process before it looks normal. What Does the Microblading Healing Process Look and Feel Like? The piercer is registered with the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). Besides, if you have pain associating with infections, over-the-counter pain relieving medications may prove helpful in eradicating that pain. Also discover the safest jewelry options, how to clean and care for the piercing, symptoms of infection, and more. One of the most common causes of bacterial infection is no appropriate aftercare practice. Belly button infections are very common. Tea tree oil is one of the best home remedies for infected navel piercings and bumps. Avoid touch or irritate the site of the piercing. To clean an infected belly piercing, get your cleaning solution such as piercing solution, saline solution or even an antibacterial soap and cotton swabs, balls or Q-tip. You can buy over-the-counter antibacterial cream, such as Neosporin, but there is a risk for allergic irritation of the skin with this type of product. After a piercing, if you notice any of the symptoms listed above, then it would be highly advisable to have the site examined by a physician, so as to instill proper treatment methods. Belly button piercings are one of the most popular forms of body art. Allowing the hole to close may trap the infection inside of your body, causing an abscess to form. During that time, you’re at risk for infection. This will help to prevent the growth of bacteria and promote healing. Your infected navel may also be swollen and painful. You may also have some clear discharge that dries and forms a crystal-like crust around the piercing. How Often Should You Clean Your Belly Button Piercing? A shower with plain old soap and water should remove lint, dirt, and some bacteria. do not use a towel to dry the piercing. Although some doctors will advise you take out the jewelry, many experienced people will not recommend that. Bleeding is normal during the piercing, if this remains persistent, then it could mean that you have an infection. If you get an infection due to invasion by bacteria, antibiotics are recommended for healing it fast. You could also use either one of these cleansing methods alone. You'll go home with tips on how to keep your new piercing clean and prevent infection. Last Updated 19 December, 2020. Redness or tenderness is common after piercing your belly button, if this persists for longer than a couple of weeks, then it may be an infection.

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