The Muslim Cemetery Location
Highland Memory Garden and Chapel Mausoleum
3054 County Road Bb
Madison, WI 53718
(608) 222-4335

Driving directions from the Islamic Center:
Take Left on Regent St, at the 2nd Traffic light make Right on S. Park St, Take US HWY 12/18 EAST (Beltline) after 2 miles exit at US HWY 51 (Stoughton Rd) Take left on US HWY 51. Exit at Cottage Grove Rd exit. Take Left on Cottage Grove Rd. Drive about 5 miles, the cemetery will be on your left.

Muslim Funeral Service
The Muslim Cemetery Subcommittee is part of the Religious Affairs Committee. They are entrusted with procuring funeral services for our Community that is inline with Islamic guidelines. They oversee the Muslim Cemetery expansion project which aims to secure more burial plots for the community. This includes actively raising funds from the community for this cause. They also have a preferred Funeral Home who has an outstanding relationship with the community and are knowledgeable of our customs and values. The Members of this body have volunteered to offer their knowledge and expertise in a time of need. Please read the instructions outlined below in the event you will need such services for a loved one. The steps outlined below will ensure your loved one receives a proper Islamic Funeral. Please consider making tax deductible donation.

How to Get Services
The relatives of the deceased must contact the appropriate Cemetery Subcommittee Chair as soon as possible (if deceased is male, contact br. Ibrahim Saeed, if the deceased is female contact Sr. Nagat) from the numbers listed above, and provide detailed information about the deceased. If the chairs are not available, you may contact any other member on the committee. Relatives of the deceased will contact a funeral home of their choice, to fill out the necessary forms and pay the required fees. The Chair of the committee will contact the cemetery to authorize the grave preparation and burial. Members of the committee will wash, shroud, and make Salatul-Janaza on the deceased. They will also make arrangements to follow the jannaza to the Muslim cemetery. Relatives of the deceased will sign the burial forms at the cemetery and pay required fees. The relatives of the deceased will compensate the Islamic Center the price of the land in a donation form.

Cemetery Committee
Warning! The use of names and numbers listed on this page for purposes outside the context of requesting furenal services is violation of terms of use and will be prosecuted with the full extent of the law.

Men’s Subcommittee
Ibrahim Saeed 608-395-7794
Abdalla Younes 608-238-8325
Mustafa AbdulRahman 608-288-9221

Women’s Subcomittee
Om AbdulRahman (Nagat) 608-288-9221
Om Arzo (Safia) 608-238-7341
Om Nafla (Thurya) 608-233-7179
Om Sarah (Ahlam) 608-541-8187